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On February 2, 2022, which is a Tuesday, we are going to encounter a very significant day in spiritual terms. In numerology, a sequence of numbers, especially the number two, is considered a portal, and this particular portal is extremely significant.

Some have given the date the nickname ‘Twosday’ because of all of the 2s involved in the date. And while that is all fun and good, I would mainly like to focus on the spiritual perspective in this article, though.

Spiritually speaking, Angels use numbers to communicate with humans. When a number arrives in a sequence, it has an even deeper meaning and an even greater likelihood of being connected to spiritual significance.

The sequence of 222 is thought to be one of the most powerful sequences as well and considering that the actual date of February 2, 2022, has 2/2/22, it’s obvious this is a special date.

Sequential dates or dates that include a sequence of numbers, like the 8/08 Lionsgate portal are very important to us on a spiritual level.

When the number 2 appears in a sequence, it is a sign of balance, faith, and new cycles beginning. It’s a sign that we need to try to find balance among the chaos and get on the path towards a mission bigger than ourselves. During this portal opening, we are being given a grand opportunity by the universe to begin a new cycle, a cycle of purpose.

For many of us, life has become quite chaotic over the past few years. With rising inflation, the pandemic, and various other major events taking place, there’s no question as to why things are feeling a bit upside down.

So, when an opportunity or a portal arises, giving us the energy and the motivation, and the access to start anew, we would be crazy not to take it.

Additionally, when we see the number 2 in a sequence, it is thought to mean that good news is on the way. Earlier this year, in my astrological predictions for 2022, I explained how many astrologers were saying that this year is going to bring many positive changes, and to me, the sequential appearance of the number 2/22/22 affirms that on a spiritual level.

Now is the time for us to find a balance between our conscious and subconscious minds, and between our obvious self and our shadow self. We have to come to terms with the past, so we can heal and move forward and grow.

It’s easy in life to get excited, only to quickly run ourselves out of energy. This portal is providing us with the right amounts of balance, faith, and new opportunities that can provide us with a fresh start with consistency.

To truly harness this opportunity, I highly suggest clearing and charging your chakras, taking some time to get clear on your passions and goals, and taking a refreshing break, even if just for 1 hour between now and then to clear your mind.

Below, I’ve included a chakra exercise you can do at your convenience. Happy Twosday! And make sure you take advantage of this powerful portal! It won’t stay open forever.