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It’s that time again: eclipse season, and with it will come much change and transformation. While change can be scary, it is necessary, as it pushes us forward on our path and paves the way for us to accomplish our dreams.

A solar eclipse takes place when the sun moves in between the Earth and the Sun, causing the sun to be covered in a shadow that turns daylight into nearly night. However, a lunar eclipse takes place when Earth’s shadow blocks the moon. On April 30, a solar eclipse will jumpstart eclipse season, and that means a lot for all of us.

The lunar nodes have two points where the moon’s orbit crosses the plane of Earth’s orbit around the sun. There is both a North and South node, much like the North and South pole. Each of these nodes represents a different aspect of our chart and is quite significant, astrologically speaking.

The North node represents our desire to expand and to grow, while the South node represents letting go of what has already happened.

The first eclipse, the solar eclipse on April 30 will happen in Taurus. Much of what happens during this eclipse will be fated changes tied to the last eclipse series back in November of 2021. It may help you to look back at this time. What changes were taking place? What were your goals? The energy of this eclipse will be pushing you to reach for more and to manifest your goals.

Then, on May 15th, we will have a total lunar eclipse in Scorpio, which will be pushing us to release what stands in our ways. During this time, you may be looking too bad habits or past emotional wounds that are holding you back. Many of these issues may come to a climax in your life, pushing you to heal. It’s a good idea to spend time during this eclipse meditating and allowing your emotions to surface, so you can allow them to find a way through.

Another aspect of the May 15th lunar eclipse is that the eclipse will square Saturn. In turn, you may be focusing on responsibility, not only to yourself but to others. And this will help you along with realizing what needs to be let go to make room for growth.

Typically, eclipses can come off as a bit disruptive. The energy of an eclipse is chaotic because it massively shifts us on our path. This can be alarming to some, especially those stuck in their comfort zone. But, there is no escaping change. The more we push against it, the more it pushes us.

During eclipse season, it’s especially important to take time to focus on yourself. If things feel too intense, take time to yourself. If you feel too withdrawn and need company, seek it. Do what nourishes your mind, body, and soul.

Some great tips that will help you along during all of this are to look into your North and South node horoscopes. Additionally, looking at the nodes on your chart can help immensely as well. But, above all practice good self-care.