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While this new moon we’re about to face on the 20th is a very positive one, it does come with a lot of struggle. This new moon is not one any of us are going to get through without a fight and the energies it brings might be a bit overwhelming. 

As we move forth and the day of this new moon grows closer and closer the energies it brings are building in the world around us. If you’re energy sensitive, I know you’ve been feeling them for days already. All of that having been said, the things this moon pushes us to and through are things we need to address in our lives. We can’t just keep going through the motions and ignoring all the important things. 

This new moon may offer a lot of us change in ways we were not expecting and that in itself is a good thing. Don’t be too discouraged as these energies unfold. While they might be confusing and you might not quite understand them now, in time things will land right where they’re meant to be. It should also be noted that this new moon specifically is opposite Saturn which will also bring more energies of its own. 

Astrology King wrote as follows on the energies we’re going to be facing:

New Moon Opposite Saturn

Sun opposite Saturn can bring restrictions and hardship. It can be a real struggle to overcome these limiting conditions because as well as putting up barriers to progress, Saturn makes it harder to express yourself. You may have to deal with melancholy, worry, loss, grief, disgrace, or low self-esteem.

Your need for companionship my be at odds with other people’s need for distance. Or perhaps you want a break from the burdens and responsibility that are being imposed on you. Distance or separation between you and others can lead to a sense of rejection or isolation.

Difficult relations are possible with your father, other authority figures, and older people. Other people in general may be critical, demanding, and impatient towards you. To get what normally comes easy, you may have to become either more demanding or more patient.

These tests and trials can make you miserable and frustrated, or they can make you determined to succeed. With critical thinking, and a serious, thoughtful attitude, you can learn new skills and gain valuable knowledge. Hard work, patience, and persistence can lead to achievement, recognition, and respect. If you do still feel frustrated, try plodding along by yourself on some personal goal where you do not require the assistance of others.

During this period of energetic shifting, you should all do your best to be the best version of yourself possible. Live your truth but also don’t let this restlessness bring you down too much. We all have the power to get through this if we are willing to try hard enough. These energies will also put a lot more drive in you and well, that’s something we cannot complain about. 

This new moon might not be as happy as some of the new moons we’ve faced but it is one that will help us change and grow. Things are not always what they seem and we should be making the most of the challenges before us. These energies will be moving on before you know it, let them help you grow while they are here.