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On November 4th, the New moon in Scorpio will be upon us. And while the energy may not be easy on all of us- this will give us just the push we need to dive deep into our soul-search.

The new moon is the beginning of a new lunar cycle, and along with it comes a new cycle in our life. This new moon won’t be any different, and typically, this energy is perfect for aligning with new projects for an extra boost of energy. With that being said, when you add the added energy of the zodiac sign the moon falls under and align your projects based on that- you have a recipe for success.

As we currently are in the midst of Scorpio season, there is much emotional intensity surrounding us. Scorpio is a water sign, which makes it a very emotionally driven sign. Water energy is all about pushing our focus inward and better understanding what drives us.

Scorpio is also known for getting to the bottom of things. They are driven to understand what is hidden from the naked eye- and because of this, if you are open to it, this new moon is going to push you to focus on healing the parts of you that are broken. Not only that- but this energy is also going to push you to reexamine what drives you.

The emotional intensity of this new moon will only be further fueled by Uranus which is in opposition to the new moon. Because of this- we can expect some major revelations and epiphanies. I highly suggest coming to terms with your reality, while opening yourself up to the possibility of growth during this time.

To get the most of this energy, shadow work can truly help you get to the bottom of what is driving you behind the scenes. You can do this through tarot or meditation. I will link a video below all about shadow work.

While there will be some major ups and downs coming along with this new moon- it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. And since Mars is going to be further fueling Scorpio’s energy- you can expect to be feeling extra motivated towards your purpose.