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This full moon to come is no joke, it is going to mean something intense for each and every one of us. While you have most likely heard a lot about overcoming your fears and things of the sort, that is not all you have in store.

This full moon will be occurring on the 24th and it will be providing us with great opportunities. While these opportunities will be sat right in front of us if we do not make a move they will disappear. You cannot be slow about things during this time. If you waste your chance it will pass you by.

We are going to be facing a lot of challenges and we must work through them all. While it will be hard and there will be a lot more bumps in the road than we have been preparing for, we can all do it. The universe would not bring you to something you could not handle and that needs to be something you keep in the back of your mind.

Your goals and dreams will be tried time and time again. It is going to feel like the whole world is against you and like all of the obstacles before you are too big to overcome but they are not. The universe is not as kind of a teacher as many people make it out to be. Sometimes things are easy and sometimes we have to pull ourselves together just to barely make it through.

This full moon is going to set you down the path you have been needing to go. It is going to really spin your career path off in the direction you have been trying to get it for quite some time. If you do not stick with it, things will fall apart. Just because the universe gives us something does not mean that we can stop working hard and striving for greatness. Sure, we should be grateful but we have to remember the bigger picture and keep working towards more.

Do not let yourself get down in the dumps during the days following this full moon. Any ruts you end up stuck in will really make a drastic difference in where you end up. Be careful and make the changes that need to be made. Think everything through but don’t be afraid to jump in and take risks from time to time.

It is not going to be anything like what you have experienced before. This is definitely one for the books.

Image via Astrology Hub