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The new moon to come is going to be a very healing one. While most people don’t realize it, the energies of November are much softer than that of most others.

November’s new moon is going to be on Scorpio and is going to occur on the 7th. This new moon is going to bring forth a sense of forgiveness that we’ve been needing. It will be the perfect time for us all to say sorry and make up for all of our previous mistakes.

We are all going to be showing our softer sides and the energies before us will be encouraging us to be more compassionate and in doing so raise our confidence as well. That being said, it will be influenced by Neptune as well as Pluto which causes some tension. The urgency you will be feeling in regards to working through your own issues might cause some frustration but if you slow down all will go over well.

This new moon will work to help you really move towards your goals. You will be not only getting the powers of this new moon but also the energies behind 111 which if you know anything about numerology is a lot of positivity. You can achieve much more than you might think if you allow true bonds to grow from this whole experience. Those who you are finally confronting and apologizing to might actually end up sticking around.

Astrology King wrote as follows in regards to the energies of this new moon to come:

Activation of the challenging fixed star Zubeneschamali may bring loss or disappointment. If so, helpful new moon aspects to Neptune and Pluto bring understanding and empathy from others. They give faith and optimism to recover and set new goals. You may be accused of something you didn’t do, or you may discover you have wrongfully accused someone else. In this case, the new moon aspects make it easier to forgive and to be forgiven.

New moon November 2018 is good for setting goals to make your dreams come true. But first, you may have to make amends for previous wrongs and say sorry. This is also a good new moon for resolving relationships problems through compassion and forgiveness. You can then follow your dreams free of guilt or regret.

While this new moon won’t bring you everything you want it to, it will bring you all you need. This kind of healing is not the kind we normally find.

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