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The full moon of September 24th is going to be affecting us for several weeks to come. If you are not using the energies it brings forth properly, you will end up falling behind.

September has been a great month for us all. It has even through all the negative aspects taught us so much and worked to bring us through more than we expected. This full moon in Aries is going to be the perfect way to bring this month to an end but it will not be easy.

While we are going to be gaining support and feeling more self-aware, we are also going to be forced through our fears. During the days following this full moon energies will be at an all-time high but from there, any residual energies we have been holding onto are going to finally leave. As you may know, the past few months have been very charged in this way and it is most likely that you have not cleansed yourself properly.

This full moon is going to really address a lot of inner turmoil you’ve been trying to bottle up. Everything you’ve been stressed about or holding negative feelings for is coming to an end. You will finally begin working through some of your pent-up anger and frustration.

During this time you will be offered the solutions you need to resolve all of the problems before you. Pushing forward and allowing change to happen is going to truly make a difference in your life. You can through this great ending finally bring forth your own new beginning.

According to Astrology King one of the things we need to pay attention to during this time is as follows:

Moon conjunct fixed star Deneb Kaitos at 02°50′ Aries gives a pioneering spirit but can make you reckless and headstrong. This may result in disagreements, arguments, and conflict. In general, this orange star in the tail of constellation Cetus the Whale, or Sea Monster, causes self-destruction by brute force, sickness, disgrace, misfortune, and compulsory change.[2] It is associated with inhibitions and restraint in every way, psychologically and physically.[3]

While all of this might seem a bit confusing it is going to really make sense as time continues on.  What do you think about the energies to come?

Image via Aepril’s Astrology