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While we may chant ‘New Year, New Me’ on January 1 each year, according to astrology, the new year actually doesn’t occur until later in the year. To be exact, the new year actually will be occurring during the March equinox.

However, before you start popping bottles, and donning a fake top hat adorned with glitter- it may be time to understand the importance of this astrological event. Equinox literally means ‘equal night,’ with there being equal hours of day and night within this period, allowing light to ascend. Of course, this is why the equinox is heavily associated with the Christian tradition of Easter.

Allow yourself to fully utilize this energetic time. Not only is this the first day of equality in the calendar year, but it is also a time of perfect balance in the energetic cycles that govern us all. And similar to other astrological and spiritual events, this one falls in perfect alignment and in its perfect position on the celestial timeline.

This time will give us the ability to fully balance the feminine and masculine within. To further fuel this harmonious, yet enlivened spiritual turn of events, the full moon on March 31st will take place in Libra. And what better planetary influence over the equinox could there be than Libra- the sign of balance, harmony, justice, and careful action?

Not only will we have the energy of Libra, we will also see Mercury station from retrograde on March 22, allowing us relief from the previous and constant chaos that came with the retrograde. While the past few weeks have forced us to either quiet out struggling inner voice, as we struggled to find a way to communicate our feelings to others.

This combined increase of energy, along with the universe’s balancing force, is the perfect time to reassess your priorities, ambitions, and goals. Apply this uplifting energy to building a healthy foundation on which we can grow and prosper in this life.