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The flowers are blooming, showers are pouring, and we are entering into the exciting and beautiful month of May, and while that alone is enough to uplift my mood, the Taurus new moon will be happening on May fourth. Of course, with stubborn Taurus, many may be worried, but with it arriving in conjunction with Uranus- we are going to get the push we need to move forward with our lives.

Taurus, the stubborn, loyal, and pleasure-driven sign is often peculiar about staying in their comfort zones, and usually, are resistant to change. Thankfully, with the energy of Uranus, this won’t be a problem for moving forward with new beginnings, as new moons graciously provide us with.

New moons are the times in which we are able to start new life cycles, move forward in a more positive direction, and get the much-needed change we desire. As the energy of Taurus will be striving to dig its heels in and keep us in place, Uranus will make us ‘change or be changed.’ So don’t work against the unpredictable energies of Uranus, work with them.

And with Taurus having a practical and grounded nature as an Earth sign, these two seemingly opposite energies could provide the utmost benefits when worked with. Spend this time set your sights on your goals and aspirations, and you will be unstoppable. Meditate on the days before to find what you want most from this new beginning. Then, the day of, set up a private space, and journal down your new beginning. I usually write mine as if it is already happening, and then visualize it as I burn a white candle, sage, and spread selenite stones around the area.

However, this simple ritual can be changed and tuned to fit your needs.

More than anything, the major focus of this new beginning will benefit your career and professional life. Don’t neglect your intuition, and focus on understanding your purpose. A great way to do this is to have a tarot reading done, that focuses on understanding your purpose and how to apply it to your professional life. 

Fire and Earth signs will be most affected by the new moon, and men may be a bit more sensitive than usual, while women will be able to speak their truth.

And remember to be patient, as this new moon will coincide with Saturn’s retrograde, beginning the early stages and steps of a HUGE transformation. While things may be chaotic, keep yourself balanced, and focus on building healthier habits, and goals that will benefit you in the long run.