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Mercury is the planet of communication, as it transitions from Virgo into Libra, you will likely start to come to some hard realizations. While it won’t all be doom and gloom- if you’ve been avoiding facing the truth, this may be a difficult transit for you.

Libra is known for diplomacy and brutal honestly- so it comes as no surprise that when we add the communicative air of Mercury, we are likely to realize some brutal truths. And Mercury isn’t going anywhere soon. Instead, it will stay in Libra much longer than its usual transits, thanks to the Mercury retrograde.

On September 26th, Mercury will go retrograde until October 18th. However, there is no need to fear, because Mercury and Libra go together quite well. Even when there is a retrograde looming on the horizon.

And while honesty will be at the forefront of this transit- it’s important to note that Libra is a peacemaker. So while the brutal and honest truth may hurt sometimes, the edge will be taken off with the calming and balancing energy that Libra adds to the mix. Lisa Stardust, the creator of The Astrology Deck explains “Communication will be a bit more fair-minded than ever, as we will put our daggers away and have meaningful and concise discussions.”

But she does warn that this transit may put us on the defensive.

“If you’re feeling as though people are being a little bit too direct with you, understand that they are trying to do you a favor by telling you the truth instead of fluffing up situations. Finding balance with others may try our patience.”

During the time Mercury is in Libra, it will form three lines with Saturn retrograde in Aquarius. Once on September 20, again on October 3, and then finally on November 1st. In these moments, we will have an amazing opportunity to open our minds and expand our horizons.

And each time this happens, you will have the ability to revisit unfinished business.

The main caveat during this time will be that we will need to be careful with our words. While the urge may strike to be blatantly honest and blunt with others about how you feel- try delivering your words with empathy and compassion. The truth is important, but delivery is everything.

And when the harsh realizations of life come sneaking up on you, try not to take it so personally. This is an opportunity to grow. If you see or realize something you are uncomfortable with, ask yourself what lessons you have to learn from these realizations.