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The full moon is coming up soon, and while every full moon has an air of intensity, this one is going to be especially intense. On January 17, the full moon will peak in Cancer, making it a water sign full moon.

Water signs, and most especially Cancer, push us deep into our feels. And since the energy of the full moon is already pushing us to reflect, the major theme surrounding this full moon is going to cause us to reflect on our deep-seated emotions.

Due to this, it’s likely many deep emotional matters are going to be resurfacing, pushing us to dive deep and reflect, before finally letting go of them and releasing them.

A full moon represents the culmination of a cycle, in which emotions are already at an all-time high, this is why the word ‘lunatic’ starts with luna- because lunacy is thought to be a form of insanity brought on by the full moon. Have you ever heard about the adage that references a full moon is a time to keep your eyes peeled? This is why.

Now, imagine that times 1000, like a full moon on steroids. Welcome to the first full moon of 2022. With that being said, Cancer is also a sign that enjoys the comfort of family and home, so it won’t all be emotional, and when it is, it isn’t necessarily a horrible thing.

Tears, as badly as this sounds, are a great way to use the energy of the full moon to manifest some healing. So, if the moon pushes you to your knees, making your tear ducts lash out, while it may be uncomfortable, it’s likely much needed.

Holding in repressed emotions, allowing them to bottle up, only turns you into an emotional pressure cooker. And if you don’t start allowing some of that built-up steam to seep out, you are going to explode.

And since full moons are also times of release, and letting go, how about let’s all collectively release the emotions holding us back, so we can finally grow together in unison?