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Beginning today, December 13 until January 2nd, Mercury will be leaving the adventurous energy of Sagittarius and pushing forward into Capricorn. And this particular transit can be an amazing recipe for success, as it gives us just the push we need to get things done.

Each of the planets carries its energy, and Mercury is thought to be the messenger. As each of the planets passes through specific zodiac signs, their energies combine, providing us with an energetic push towards a certain aspect of our lives. This transit will include the messenger planet landing in the sign of dedication, allowing us to focus and truly get down to business.

While the energy of Sagittarius is a bit more social and driven by the mind, Capricorn is far more focused on taking action. And while Sagittarius may have brought our dreams to the forefront, Capricorn is ready to tackle the obstacles that stand in between us and those dreams.

Each of these transits also offers a shadow, and this particular shadow could have many of us feeling impatient or even bossy, so be careful not to get caught up. When we push these energies inwards and use them to hyperfocus on ourselves, rather than projecting onto others, they truly benefit us. And much like a ripple effect, when we begin to make changes in our own lives and for ourselves, we can often see these changes carry into the lives of those closest to us.

Right now is the time to truly focus on the dreams you have for yourself and the new year to come. What is it that you’ve been holding back on doing or changing in your life? What blocks stand in your way? Once you realize what it is that is blocking you, Mercury in Capricorn can help you to knock those barriers down.

On December 30, Mercury will conjunct Pluto, though, which may have us delivering our agendas to others, which is not only counterproductive but can lead to arguments or pushing away the people we love most. Be mindful of how you communicate your needs during the conjunct.

When the Mercury retrograde takes place on January 24th, we will take a second pass through Mercury in Capricorn, but since it will be retrograde, this will truly push us inwards to work on ourselves and our means of communicating.

Additionally, this energy could not come at a better time. Mercury in Capricorn is an amazing transit to coincide with the New Year because it allows us a second stride to truly focus on what matters most and make the necessary changes to make the next year better than the last.