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Every 28 days, the moon cycles from new to full, bringing past lunations to manifest and pushing us to retreat inward and focus our sights on what’s brewing within. Additionally, each of these full moons falls under a specific zodiac sign, with this particular moon falling under cancer.

The full moon in Cancer will take place on January 17, 2022. Full moons can be quite intense all on their own, allowing us to touch base with our deepest emotional and intuitive depths and truly see things for what they are. When a full moon falls under a water sign, it can mean one of two things: we will either face our emotions with renewed clarity, or we will run from them, and turmoil will manifest. In some cases, the emotional intensity can cause massive shifts within our lives.

Cancer is a sign that is focused on the home, family, and security. However, this zodiac sign is also one that is highly emotional and oftentimes vulnerable. Because of this, we can all expect to be feeling our emotions reaching a heightened level, pushing us to release the emotions holding us hostage and come to terms with the emotions we need to face.

While it can be easy for us to get caught up in our emotions, finding them so intense we want to retreat into our shells, it’s much better to face them and allow them to make their round. When we do so, we are fully able to release them.

Oftentimes, during the full moon in Cancer, it’s normal to expect to want to be in the home and be with family more. During this time, we may feel sentimental or even nostalgic. Additionally, you can expect if you are an empath to truly be feeling this shift more than most, or if you are another water sign. Earth signs may feel moody, or even a bit angry. While fire signs are going to be feeling their moods shift by the moment. Air signs, on the contrary, will likely be feeling a bit more in touch with themselves, which may cause them to get caught up in their thoughts.

The best way to handle this shift is to remember that not everything that happens or every emotion that we feel requires a reaction from us. Try to pause during this time, and reflect, while taking note of the emotions that surface. Accept those emotions, allow yourself to feel them, and let them out in a healthy way.

Above all, use this moon’s energy to allow you to stabilize and find peace with whatever it was that was taking place in July of 2021, as the cycle begins during that time under the new moon in Cancer. Now that we have reached the full moon in Cancer, that cycle is closing. What was happening in your life during that time? What emotions were you feeling? Try to meditate on that, and journal your thoughts. Even better, prepare for the full moon by making your home feel cozy and safe. Light a few candles, take a warm bath, and meditate under the light of the full moon.