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There are some extraordinary energies beginning to manifest in the world lately, and it just so happens that tonight, we will experience the most important one of all. Not only did we have the yearly equinox and astrological new year today, but we can also enjoy the magnificent full worm supermoon.If you are unsure of what a supermoon is, it is basically the time when the moon has reached the part of its orbit that is closest to the Earth. Because of this, it appears almost gigantic in the night sky, thus creating what appears to be a supermoon.

On top of the power of a supermoon, it will also be the worm moon, which is called that due to folklore because it occurs around the same time that the frost begins to melt, and the earthworms emerge.

And while these events alone would be enough to change the energetic vibrations that affect us all, it doesn’t stop there. With the equinox happening today, there is A LOT going on.’

According to Gabriela Herstik, the author of Inner Witch: A Modern Guide to the Ancient Craft, This full moon is also in Venus-ruled Libra, which feels very romantic and loving, and adds energy of romance and sensuality to the passionate and blooming energy of the equinox. And since this is a super moon, we may be feeling everything more intensely; Mercury is also still retrograde, so there’s a lot going on.”

She then adds, “the Spring Equinox is a celebration of the return of abundance and fertility to the earth. Both of these simultaneous events have to do with growth, fertility, and joy.” And the full moon in Libra, she says, “makes this a day for deeply powerful and joyous connections.”

Take advantage of these paired energies by reassessing any situations in your life that aren’t serving you. Contemplate on the balancing and harmonious energies of Libra and the equinox, as you allow the lunar tides of the amazing supermoon. Either way, enjoy yourself.