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Venus and Mars will soon align on August 24th, leading to a major energetic shift for love and creativity. As Virgo is representative of our feminine sides, and Mars represents masculinity- this may be the exact push we will need to truly produce in our creative ventures and also to balance us.

If your relationships have been falling behind, you can expect to begin feeling as though you are both on the same page. Where troubles have arisen in relationship communications, you may notice your partner finally understanding you and even feeling in the same ways as you do.

If you have felt as though you may remain single forever, now is the time to reach out to potential partners, as they will be more receiving of your energy, as they will be able to tap into their different energies more freely.

With that being said, generally, we will also be able to harness sides of ourself and look at our lives from new perspectives which will truly help us to pull things into a more balanced realm. And similar to creation itself, when the energy of Mars merges with the energy of Venus, or the merging of feminine and masculine energies takes place, creation is manifested.

Due to this, we may all be feeling more inventive and creative in ways we weren’t before. If you have had creative blocks, when this alignment takes place, try to harness it by meditating on creativity and creation. Open your mind and spirit to their energies and then ask for it to flow through you.

If you feel as though you have too much of either side, try harnessing feminine energy by listening to your intuition and spending time under the moon. To harness masculine energy, make a list of goals and then get them done. Ground yourself and try strength exercises.