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Mercury is about to go retrograde for its last time this year and it is going to be quite intense. The retrograde of Mercury is one that most people dread and with good reason.

Mercury retrograde is set to begin on November 16th and end on December 6th. This retrograde is going to bring a lot of potential forth but also make some of us break down. If you’re usually the kind to get the worst of this retrograde perhaps being aware of what is to come could be handy.

Below I am going to go over each sign’s tarotscope for this retrograde. Each of these will hold things you need to keep in mind as this retrograde goes on. Doing the things these cards ask you to during this retrograde will allow you to get the most from it and the energies it has to offer you.

Aries – Page Of Wands

You need to focus more on your freedom. This card tells us that you are being called to action and need to really work on communication as well as gathering information. Spend some time figuring out what is going on rather than jumping on the bandwagon. This card calls us all to be ourselves and you need to remember that during this time.

Taurus – King Of Wands

This card is calling you to stay balanced and learn to set a better example. Success is heading your way and you need to be open to it. You should take this as a reminder to empower yourself as best you can. Do not let anyone make you feel small.

Gemini – Eight Of Swords

You are going to be tested during this retrograde. During this time you need to stay as strong as you can. This card is making it known that you are going to be facing great challenges as the days go on. Each and every setback that you face is a learning experience do not let that slip your mind.

Cancer – Ten Of Pentacles

This card is letting us know that you are finally seeing the fruits of your labor pay off. You are well on your way to being stable and you need to continue forth as you have been. Be grateful for all you have and all that is to come.

Leo – Queen Of Swords

During this retrograde, you need to work to assert your individuality. We are being told by this card that now is not the time to wait. If you know what you want in life and are ready for it to be here, go out and get it. Stop procrastinating and get out there.

Virgo – The Chariot

You need to be more prepared for change. This card tells us that during the retrograde you are going to be facing a lot of things that come right in and change everything. This time you need to be more flexible, stop stressing and let things go where the universe intends for them to go.

Libra – Wheel Of Fortune

This card tells us that you need to learn how to go with the flow and chill. You are going to be gaining a lot of positive things during this time period. Whether the things to come are dramatic or not you need to be willing to face them.

Scorpio – Four Of Swords

Allow your creativity to flow during this time period. This card tells us that you are going to be feeling ready to tear through the status quo. Spend less time thinking about things and more time getting them done. You are going to really begin to see the direction in which you’re headed and it’s going to be quite confusing but also liberating.

Sagittarius – Temperance

This card tells us that during the retrograde you are going to be healing within. You will be seeking a lot of things out that you feel you’ve been missing in your life. Try to find a sense of organization and go from there.

Capricorn – Knight Of Cups

This card makes us aware that you are going to be coming to the end of your journey during this retrograde. That could mean a lot of different things for a lot of different people. Be willing to move forward with an open mind. Something interesting is to come.

Aquarius – Two Of Pentacles

You are going to be extremely busy during the retrograde to come. You are going to be feeling as if you have to rush from one thing to another and you need to remind yourself that this is not the case. There is always time to take a break if you really need one.

Pisces – The Tower

You are going to be feeling quite small during this retrograde. A lot of things that are out of your control will be coming forth. Do not worry too much, instead, allow these things to happen as they will and be as positive as you possibly can.