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Recently, solar storms on the surface of the Sun have been pretty intense, with massive flares and coronal mass ejections taking place daily. When this happens, the energy expended by the CMEs is sent into space, hurtling radioactive energy and particles towards Earth.

While not all CMEs end up impacting Earth, the ones that do can cause disruptions in Earth’s magnetic field. The result is a geomagnetic storm, which can result in aurora light shows, and even disturbances in Earth’s power grids and satellites.

However, this energy doesn’t stop there.

Just days ago, on the 10th, a massive Earth-directed CME was blasted from sunspot AR2960, according to the NOAA and NASA. As a result of this, a geomagnetic storm began yesterday, just as had been predicted.

When this happens, because the energy being hurtled towards Earth impacts our magnetic field, it affects our energy field. During these solar storms, there is a massive amount of energy that comes into the Earth’s atmosphere, and that energy affects us and the world around us.

Oftentimes, people experience the feeling of overstimulation during a solar storm. In turn, you may feel anxious, like you need to be doing something, but because of all of the energy that is being absorbed, you may feel fatigued or even lack motivation.

The stronger the storms are, the more you can expect to feel depleted and even drained. At the same time, you are likely to experience vivid dreams and even intense gut feelings, because your energetic aura is on overdrive.

Because this energy affects your energetic field, it can also weigh heavily on your central nervous system, which will give you a similar feeling to fight or flight. You will likely feel edgy, but have no idea why.

Even research has shown that geomagnetic storms can cause a real change in our psychiatric behaviors, thoughts, and energy levels.

Some people experience this on such an extreme level, that they may feel as though they are detached from their bodies. On many levels, this can cause extreme transformations, because this energy pushes you to try to reconcile your thoughts with your reality.

Many people believe that the frequencies that come from the solar storm have the power to cleanse your mind, body, and spirit. If anything, this push can most definitely put you face to face with the things in your life that are no longer serving you, so you can make a major change.

If you experience old memories or find your emotional wound are reopening, it’s important to not push them down anymore. It may be difficult, but this re-emergence is helping you to heal.

Above all, if you are feeling this intense energy, take some time to wind down. Grounding exercises are so important right now, and it’s important to try to pull yourself out of your mind and into the world in front of you. Take an Epsom salt bath, or even practice yoga throughout the next few days to keep yourself on level ground. And if this shift is pushing you towards change, embrace that portal.