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New moons hold a lot more influence over our lives than most of us tend to stop and realize. As we move forth towards the beginning of September, the new moon coming up on August 30th is going to be exactly what many of us need.

The new moon headed our way will be unique for a number of reasons. It is going to be influenced by Venus, Mars, and Mercury. While offhand this might sound a bit extreme, these planets work quite well together. We are going to be offered positive changes and lots of room to become more confident within our own minds. As the days leading up to this new moon pass by, you’re going to notice a lot more willingness to express the sides of yourself that you otherwise would keep to yourself.

Astrology King wrote as follows in regards to this interesting event:

New Moon conjunct Mars brings an abundance of energy and initiative which must be used in a safe way. If this hot energy were to build up in your body, it could be released spontaneously in an uncontrolled and destructive way, hurting yourself or others.

Thankfully, Venus turns the aggression of Mars into passion and creativity, while adding love and patience. Mercury helps you think before acting and helps you express any anger through your words. A Mars new moon is good for physical activity like sport, physical love, and war. Venus adds creativity like art, sculpture, and dance. Mercury brings intellectual creativity, incisive wit and debating skill.

High levels of assertiveness, initiative, and goal-directed energy make this a great new moon for starting new projects. While a Mars new moon alone would cause over assertiveness and impulsiveness, the addition of Mercury and Venus promotes harmony and cooperation. This is particularly helpful for business ventures and personal relationships.

We are all going to be able to express ourselves and really make it clear to those who matter to us how important they are. Passion will take the forefront, and we will be much more willing to go out and get the things we want in life. What you love and who you are will become far more prioritized in your life.

This new moon will be something we feel the effects of for weeks to come and might be exactly what you need to get you in the right mindset to enter September on a positive note. To learn more about this amazing experience we’re all about to make our way through please feel free to check out the video below. Do not fear what is to come, the unknown is going to help you grow in more ways than you could ever imagine.

Each zodiac sign is going to experience things in their own ways and while what one person finds might not match what you find, there is no need to get discouraged. The ups in this ordeal are going to far outweigh the downs. Keep your head up and remain as strong as you possibly can moving forward.