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This week is one that should be all about manifesting and building yourself up but some people are really struggling to get in that mood. If you’re being held back in some way but unsure of what that entails you came to the right place. 

Below you will find an image of three cards, which one speaks to you? The first, second or perhaps you are for some reason drawn to the very last? Whichever one you choose will reveal to us why you’re unable to really break free of the chains that are weighing down on your life. 

Card #1 – Six Of Pentacles

If you picked this card you are having trouble manifesting right now because you’re having thoughts about whether or not you’re giving too much. You are not seeing the bright side or the positive effects of the things you do and it is holding you back. Remember to trust in yourself above all else and everything that matters will fall into place.

The more you push right now the more things will end up playing out in your favor. You have to remain strong and trust that you in the ways you are working right now are making a difference even if you can’t necessarily see that difference just yet. Take things one step at a time and go from there.

Card #2 – Eight Of Wands

If you picked this card you are not actually struggling with manifesting right now but you are so busy that you cannot see the things that are unfolding before you. You’re manifesting and getting very far with it but not able to really let it sink in. While a lot is happening you’re not giving yourself any time to take it all in. 

Going with the flow is important when this card is present but you should also remember that making the most of each moment is necessary. Do your best to use the energies before you to your advantage while they are here. Things are not always what you may think they are.

Card #3 – Nine Of Pentacles  

If you picked this card you’re working very hard and finally at a place where you can enjoy the things you’ve managed to achieve but for some reason, you refuse to allow it. You feel as though you do not deserve all you have and so you don’t see your progress for what it is. You even feel kind of guilty for trying to manifest more because you don’t feel like you should be gaining in this life. Perhaps you need to do some meditating and try to find the right path to take from here within.

Things might be a bit chaotic right now but that doesn’t mean they will remain that way forever. You’re fighting within but that is a battle you can and do deserve to win. Stop closing yourself off and start opening your eyes to all you have managed in this life.


Biddytarot – six of pentacles

Biddytarot – eight of wands

Biddytarot – nine of pentacles