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While there is always something going on in the celestial world, this transit is something we have not experienced in quite some time. Mercury has recently passed directly between the Earth and Sun leaving behind lots of energies and very unique experience.

According to CBS News, the whole event in itself took around five and a half hours and was visible to only those with the proper equipment in the US, Canada, Central, and South America. Using solar-filtered binoculars and telescopes many were able to catch a glimpse of this interesting little planet. This time around the planet passed before the Sun almost directly in the middle which many noted as quite surprising.

This event lasted from about seven am to one pm EST and will not happen again until 2032 in November. If you didn’t get to catch a glimpse yourself you can check out a video of the whole event below. It is truly mind-blowing to think about how much is going on outside of our atmosphere. While the planet itself is extremely tiny compared to the Sun, it is quite visible and clearly present as it is moving across space.

Now, in regards to the energies this kind of celestial event gives off, you should note that things will be quite odd for the next week or so. Mercury will be throwing you out of whack in the sense that you will be doing a lot of soul-searching and trying to make the most of your current situations. As this planet is being reborn during this exchange we too are being renewed in our own ways.

You might find that things you would have never expected are finally falling into place and that lessons you’ve been needing to learn are coming forth. Because you are very strong this kind of thing is not going to be enough to knock you down. Allow your mind to grow and really work to get rid of that ‘stuck’ feeling you’ve been having. You are never as stuck as you think you are, moving forth is as simple as standing up and actually doing it.

You might not be able to go back in time and see the event in person for yourself but you can still make the most of what it has to offer. Stay away from negative thoughts and do your best to get through the challenges before you. Life is never a piece of cake but right now, you’re going to be gaining a lot of positive benefits. Success is going to find you whether you’re ready for it or not and you should in many ways be expecting it.

How are you feeling right now? Do you feel any different now that this celestial event has occurred? With so much more in store we should all be working to understand the things before us. This might not feel like much to some but to those who are energy sensitive, it is quite the experience.

Image by Jonny Lindner from Pixabay