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We know there is a full moon coming the first night of the new year and various other astrological events, right? But what effects will these events have on us and how can we be prepared energetically?

The New Year is going to begin with a wolf moon and from there, things are only going to get better. The energies this full moon gives off will be with us from the 1st until the 7th and will bring about a lot of self-reflection. After this, there will be a new moon. The new moon is set to occur on January 17th and will bring a very sensitive energy with it.

This energy will have us feeling much more self-conscious than before. However, it will also push us to be more compassionate. During this time it would be a good idea to do good things for those close to you.

Now, since these energies are going to be so intense you should do your best to remain grounded because once the month gets close to an end space is going to throw some much more overwhelming energies your way. On the 31st there will be another full moon but this is no ordinary full moon. This is a super blue blood moon and the energies coming with this one alone might be a bit much for some to be able to handle.

For those who do not know, a blue moon is something that happens when there is more than one full moon in a month and a blood moon occurs in relation to a lunar eclipse. This lunar eclipse is going to be quite the sight as well so if you can watch it, please do. The last full moon of the month is going to be setting the tone for the rest of the new year. It is going to be helping your push towards who you want to be in life.

During this full moon, I strongly suggest taking the time to meditate on what path you want to go down and where you wish to end up in 2018. If you fight these energies your year will be full of nothing but struggle so please remember to just let these energies flow as they should. While this extreme energetic shift is going to be far more intense than you are used to it will benefit you in ways you cannot imagine.

This year is going to be a year you will never forget. It will shape you into who you were meant to be in all the best ways. These energies while they will make you a bit uncomfortable mean no harm. Do not be afraid. As long as you are taking steps to care for yourself and making progress these energies will serve you as best they can.

Featured image via Cosmic Vagabond