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The new moon might be over but its energies are nowhere near gone, this you too could say is the same for the powerful 444 portal that opened earlier this month as this moon brought it to another opening. The energies of these two celestial events will for a couple of weeks be feeding into one another and really influencing our lives. 

Now, for those who may not know about the 444 portal, it is a portal that opened back on April 4th, again on the 13th and now it is open for the last time this month. This portal according to Moon Omens is one that vibrates at a very high frequency and brings forth a lot of positive energies. Right now those who are seeing the number 444 over and over again will likely be influenced the most by the energies this whole ordeal holds. 

Right now these two powerful energies are working together to try and enhance the things in our lives that need enhancing and bringing forth a lot of new beginnings for each and every one of us. While some of us will ignore these energies many of us will be completely unable to do that. The power of 444 will likely tone down the few negative things this new moon was bringing our way and as a result we will be shifting on a deeper level and more responsive to the changes before us. 

This Taurus new moon was and still is all about getting back in touch with nature. We should be working on spending more time breathing in the fresh air but still remaining as distant as we should with others considering the things we’re facing in life right now. Letting your feet touch the ground Mother Nature puts under your feet might not be a bad idea right now and in the coming weeks. 

Allow these energies to strengthen you but also do your best to remain where you should be in your own mind. Don’t be reckless and do your best to keep your well-being in mind moving forth. Sure, things are happening at a fast pace but in time you will understand everything more clearly.

For more information on the energies, you’re likely feeling right now check out the video below. Sure, things are not always what they seem but you’re in store for quite the treat if you allow things to flow properly. I know we’re facing serious trying times but these energies will help with that. Right now you might not see it but once everything is said and done, you will.