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We all know that positive self-talk can benefit our minds but what can it do for our bodies? Well, apparently a lot more than what most would assume.

If you want your health to be better overall and your cells, organs, and different systems to work more properly or effectively talking to them might be something you need to consider. I recently came across a posting by the Energy Life Sciences Institute that covered how Carlos Castaneda who has been considered a bit controversial throughout his years (though now deceased) talked to his organs each day. The website noted that Castaneda believed there was no such distinction between the mind and body thus meaning if we will something to be regarding our bodies, it will be.

Our organs and all of the things that make up our body are part of us. They are just as present in this world as we are, and they are more complex than we can truly comprehend. Some even believe that each part of our bodies has its own consciousness making up a collective consciousness that is ‘us’ as a whole. This broken down on a cellular level is quite mind-blowing to think about.

Positive self-talk has benefited tons of people throughout the years in regards to their health. For instance, studies have shown that the more optimistic people are the more boosted their immunities are going to be as a whole. Live Science has covered this extensively and you can click here to read about that.

Our minds can be our worst enemies or our best assets depending on how we use them. If we train our brains to be more and do more we can also guide our bodies to be better and stronger than they would be otherwise. Positive self-talk according to a medically reviewed Healthline article promotes better physical well-being, better cardiovascular health, reduces pain, improves vitality, and can reduce stress. Is there really any downside to making sure you’re building yourself and your body up rather than tearing both down? No!

Considering how the way we feel impacts our bodies as a whole and can make us hurt in different places this kind of thing should already be assumed but for some reason many people overlook it. If you want to talk to your organs, the body as a whole, or just become more positive overall this could be something worth trying. When I talk to my body I do-so during and through meditation. Be direct and see what ends up happening in your life.

For more information on this topic please check out the video below. Teal Swan speaks highly of this ‘alternative healing method’ in regards to helping work through pain. Would you try this?