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While it might not sound like much, Pluto is a celestial body that packs a serious punch. As of April, 24th retrograde has finally begun and we are in store for quite a few months of uncertainty.

Pluto will be retrograding from as noted above until October 3rd and is doing so in Capricorn. There are several serious factors when it comes to the influence this retrograde has, and we’re all going to be doing some traveling inward. Whether you are someone who has a lot of things to overcome or someone who simply needs to learn how to let go this retrograde will empower you.

To see what this retrograde holds for each zodiac sign take a peek at the ones you’re interested in below. While driven and hopeful, Pluto can still be quite painful and overwhelming. What do you wish to accomplish during the course of this retrograde?


You’re about to become much more outspoken than you are normally. Everyone who would otherwise walk all over you is going to be on eggshells. Lots of miscommunications are going to be happening during the time that this celestial body is retrograding and working through them will not be easy. Perhaps getting your point across will have to wait.


Sure you want to be successful but at what costs? You’re about to seriously look back at your life and where you seem to be headed. Is this the right path for you?


The more careful you are during this time the better. You’re going to be working towards knowing when to cut your losses as things begin to heat up. While it might not be the most ideal situation, maybe doing things on your own isn’t as complicated as you might have expected.


You tend to allow other people to control you but right now you’re going to want to hold your own. During the time that Pluto is retrograding, you’re going to be working to find yourself and really appealing to your own sense of adventure. I guess you might be ready to truly understand what freedom is once all is said and done.


You should definitely call on your emotional and spiritual sides during this time. Be as in-tune with your true self as possible and stop allowing the face you show others to stay in charge. There is nothing wrong with trusting in yourself, Pluto is going to reveal that quite quickly.


Your inner voice is going to be screaming at you for the entirety of this retrograding period. During this time you might see some major setbacks but getting through them with poise is very important. While things might not be as you want them to be, you have far more than you realize.


You are going to be facing a lot of struggles in the months to come and some of those are going to be more than enough to break you down. Pluto is working through you to ensure that you are going to be where you need to be for the things heading your way. Growth might not always be fun but it is always important.


Your heart has been in a rough place for a long time now but all that is about to change. You’re going to be opening up and working to really put yourself out there as Pluto moves backward. This could be the beginning of something truly magical.


Pluto is going to be forcing you out of your shell and beside someone you might not have thought about in years. Sure, you’re a bit of a free-spirit but your heart is calling you home now, will you listen to it?


You’re going to be a lot more dramatic in the months to come than you might want to be. During this time you need to know when to stop fighting and how to let go. If you keep holding onto all of these insignificant issues, you’re going to explode.


Pluto is going to bring the past up time and time again. While it might be complicated, you need to think things through. Do not allow people who have burned bridges with you to come back into your life. There is no compromising with things like this.


You tend to give in way too quickly. You’re always doing things for others but rarely doing things for yourself. During the time that Pluto is retrograding, you’re going to realize this on a serious level. If you move forth properly you may be able to let go of that and allow yourself to become a more reliable and strong source of power for those around you.