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While a lot of people love to garden, not many realize some gardens can be just as mesmerizing at night as they are during the day. If you don’t have a moon garden yet, this may be enough to get you working on one.

For those who spend a lot of time outside at night or who like to stargaze or watch celestial bodies in the night sky, a moon garden can be a true wonder. Sure, this might not be your typical garden but it’s quite beautiful and will really give you a great atmosphere when about in the darker hours.

Below I am going to go over my top 5 favorite moon garden flowers and break down why they work so well in moon gardens. These flowers might not look like much during the day but at night they truly flourish. I for one adore my moon garden and all the energies it evokes within my being.

1. Angel’s Trumpet

Not only do these flowers smell amazing but they’re quite unique in how they look as well. They are closely related to the Datura which we will cover a little while later and come in several colors. They might not always bloom at night but when they do they’re a true sight to see.

2. Evening Stock

While tiny these little flowers are beautiful. They are faded and almost tye die in appearance. A lot of people love growing these as they are fairly simple to keep.

3. Evening Primrose

This fragile flower blooms at dusk and is quite pastel in color. Usually, they are pink with white and yellow. These make for some of the best flowers to view in the early morning hours while the light has still not met with the horizon.


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4. Datura

While this one isn’t technically a flower that only blooms at night it comes in colors that are quite pretty under the light of the moon. They appear quite bright and are a great addition to any garden.

5. Moonflower

Moonflowers are usually quite beautiful and bloom in the later hours of each evening. When in true season they are quite mesmerizing and tend to be white or pink in color. A lot of people overlook these pretty things because they’re ‘basic’ but they’re well worth adding to your garden.


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If you’re looking to make your own moon garden take the time to look at the video below. It may give you some good ideas on where to begin. This kind of thing is truly a gift that keeps on giving.