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Pisces season is perhaps one of the most exciting parts of the year for our spiritual journey. During this time, we are pushed to reflect and consider our overall path, allowing us to come to new understandings and levels of awareness.

While some seasons are more action-oriented (Uhm, hello, Virgo season,) others are more reflection-oriented. The great thing about taking a period of reflection along your spiritual path is that you have an opportunity to see what has happened, how it’s affecting you, and how to proceed towards overcoming obstacles.

It’s this awareness that allows us to grow more than anything.

Pisces season begins February 18th, and since Pisces is a water sign, it may be pushing you into your feelings a bit. Pisces is perhaps one of the most emotionally driven zodiac signs, making them deeply artistic, spiritual, and empathetic.

A great way to make use of this energy is to spend time with your favorite people or to embark on a new art project or creative venture. If you’ve been feeling a bit blocked for inspiration, now is the time to start again.

Transitioning from the visionary sign of Aquarius into the hyperemotional sign of Pisces can be a major jump for many of us, and thankfully, since there are no retrogrades currently, it should be easier than usual.

One major theme throughout Pisces season is striving to find a low point in your life. Oftentimes, we struggle with consistency in our lives, which can make it hard to find a comfortable flow. But, the more we fight for a flow, rather than simply moving with it, the more difficult things can become. This is a major energetic theme of Pisces season.

A good way to do this is to allow yourself to let go of the need to control everything. Have trust in the universe, and find a comfortable routine. Additionally, pulling yourself out of a negative thought pattern and practicing mindfulness can truly help a lot as well.