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The things we choose without thinking too deeply really allow us a much closer look into our inner workings than most realize. Through allowing your subconscious to take over and your intuition to seemingly take the lead, you can come to terms with a lot. 

As you can see just below, there are 9 eyes present in this image and each one is different. They are different shapes and one is even a representation of a closed eye. After taking a moment to clear your mind, pick one of these eyes without giving it a second thought. 

The first one that really captures you should be the one you pick. This is what your inner being is drawn to the most and from there we can learn a lot. Once you’ve chosen the eye that speaks to you the most, continue on to see what it has to say about you. 

From left to right first row is 1, 2, and 3. Then moving on from there the second row is 4, 5, 6 which I assume you already know means the last would be 7, 8, 9. While they might not tell you who you will be ten years from now or break down what you need to do next, they do provide a bit of insight, and we all can work to use that to our advantages. 

Eye #1

You are someone who never slows down. You move through life at high speeds and never stop to take the breaks you need. Because of this, you oftentimes end up feeling very drained and at a loss for words. When this kind of thing is allowed to run rampant, it can really hold you back whether you want to accept that or not. 

Eye #2

You do not know how to open up properly. As someone who is very emotional, you don’t share anywhere near as much as you should with the people closest to you. For some reason, you’re very closed off and that, in the long run, won’t be doing you any favors. 

Eye #3

You keep too many secrets. You are the kind of person that does not know how to open up and it really shows. There is a lot you need to work on but honestly, this might be the best area, to begin with. 

Eye #4

You are very nature-oriented. You know how powerful it can be to spend time with yourself and Mother Earth. For some reason, the people around you don’t quite get this but you still hold true to who you are. Without Mother Nature, you’d be a lot more stressed.

Eye #5

You have a lot on your plate. It feels like you are always biting off more than you can chew and really trying your hardest for people who refuse to help you when you’re in need. While you aren’t usually the kind to cut people out of your life, there are some toxic individuals that you need to work on getting some distance from. 

Eye #6

You’re not like most other people. You tend to look deeper and try harder to understand the world around you. While a lot of people don’t understand you, those who matter the most really ‘get you.’ Sure, you are a bit too caring and you hold a lot on your shoulders but you do-so quite well.

Eye #7

You are not the kind of person who lets others in easily and it’s holding you back. You’re a bit lonely and honestly, that’s your own fault. If you want to be friends with people or having family over, do it. Stop pushing everyone away. 

Eye #8

You are the kind of person that keeps a lot to his or herself. You have tons of secrets and sharing those with others just doesn’t feel possible. As a result of all of that, you feel quite torn within most of the time.

Eye #9

You have a lot of growing to do. You’ve been through things that have brought you to dark places and from here you’re going to be seeing a lot of change in your life. While this might not be ideal, it will be beneficial in the end.