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When it comes to twin flame connections things can be a bit confusing. While you might not know where you need to go from where you are right now, there are lots of ways to figure that out.

Below you will find an image that consists of three cards. Take just a moment to look over the image and really allow your inner self to pick one card that stands out more to you than the rest. This card will through the universe and your vibrations as a whole reveal to us where you need to be in the coming year. 

While some of the things you learn through this may be hard to swallow, it will give you a good idea of how things are going to play out as 2020 comes into perspective. We’re coming close to the end of 2019 and with that, a lot more is changing than most stop to realize.

Now that you’ve looked over the image and chosen one of the three cards before moving forth reflect on 2019 and how things have been for you in regards to your twin flame. Are you on good terms or are you stuck in a runner/chaser dynamic? What do you hope to come in the last month of 2019? Could this be your chance to really set the right mood going forward?

Card #1

If you chose the first card, going into 2020 you’re going to be moving into 2020 in a place of true knowledge. Things are going to be quite positive for you and your twin. Perhaps you’re going to be finally capable of coming to terms with the connection you both share. Now that you’re able to fulfill yourself in the ways that you’ve needed you’re going to be seeing serious benefits as the months begin to pass.

While you shouldn’t get your hopes up for things to last, you should be happy in knowing that there is a chance to come. You’re no longer running from yourself and finally able to stop judging your twin based on the projections your mind places on him/her. This is a huge feat and something that should not be downplayed.

Card #2

If you chose this card, as you move into 2020 you’re going to be giving more than you should. You might not receive as much as you deserve and it could drive a serious wedge between you and your twin. While it is something you can both work through it could also lead the two of you to cut ties for a while. 

Do not forget that you have to take care of yourself if you want to make things last. You cannot love someone else if you do not love yourself, not properly anyway. Do not create something toxic just for the sake of creating something.

Card #3

If you chose this card, 2020 for you is going to be a bit complicated especially in regards to your twin flame. You’re going to be feeling what he/she is facing on a soul level whether you’re together or not. This can be quite confusing and will bring you to a place where you have a lot of questions. 

Because no one affects us like our twins do, you will be able to recognize what is happening as soon as it takes off. Do not downplay this, remember to ground yourself often and let go of things that you cannot change. Just because you’re feeling it does not mean you have to allow it to break you.