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Sure, physical attraction does matter but it should not be the most important thing in your relationship. Your emotional and spiritual connection with the person you’re with should be and likely is a lot more important than your bodies as a whole. 

When that pretty face fades away the way you feel about your partner should remain the same. That connection you have with one another on all other levels should last forever and will if you’re in the right relationship. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing bad about finding your partner attractive and it’s not ‘rude’ to want to be with someone who you connect with physically but the physical side of things should not be the biggest factor making up your connection as a whole. 

Just because someone is ‘sexy’ or ‘hot’ does not mean you’re going to be able to create a lasting relationship with them. If they are pretty but their personality sucks, you’re not going to keep them around for long, that’s just how things go. Looks are not everything and they never will be. 

Below I am going to go over some reasons why physical attraction is not the most important thing in a relationship and break things down properly. Just because someone is a ‘beauty queen’ does not mean they’re going to be a good match for you. We all have to work to understand this if we want to build proper connections in this world.

6 Reasons Why Physical Attraction Isn’t The Most Important Thing In A Relationship:

1. They deserve someone who likes them for more than just the way they look, right off the bat.

We all deserve to be with someone who loves and cares for us on a level that goes beyond the way we look. Someone who values other things about us more than our faces. If something were to happen where we were no longer looking as we do, we deserve someone who won’t jump ship. You can’t just use someone because you think they’re pretty and move on when things change.

2. Sometimes the most attractive people turn out to be the least interesting.

Sometimes the people we are most attracted to right off the bat turn out to be the most boring people around. We don’t have anything in common with them and don’t like even being around them once all is said and done?

3. Being on the same page matters more than looks.

When you find someone who likes the same things you do and is on the same page as you, you’ll probably like them a lot more than the ‘overly attractive’ people in your life. This because while they might not be as pretty they have so much more going for them. You’re able to really get to know one another on a deeper level.

4. You can’t just judge a book by its cover.

Sometimes the people we think are the most attractive turn out to be something entirely different. Whether they’re better or worse than expected we should not be judging one another by appearance alone. That’s just not enough, period.

5. Being attracted to someone doesn’t mean you’re going to get along properly or that the person won’t be abusive.

Just because you’re attracted to someone does not mean they will treat you correctly. They might still end up abusing you or hurting you big time. You can’t see into their souls by looking at their ‘banging body,’ sorry.

6. Just because someone is beautiful doesn’t mean they will be loyal.

Some people who are not as attractive might cheat more and vice versa. You just can’t go based on looks when it comes to whether or not things will work. Just because they’re pretty doesn’t mean they’re going to be loyal. Sometimes things are not what we expect them to be.

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