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Right now with people all across the globe panic buying some are running out of places to put things, or so it seems. While you would think that those who have more than what they need would be giving away the food they do not need and sharing with others but it seems some are just throwing it out for others to deal with. 

In the UK shelves have been noted as quite empty as a result of panic buying and this has caused real problems regarding people getting what they need. While we are facing a pandemic panic buying isn’t doing anyone any good and it’s only hurting us more in the long-run. I recently came across a Tweet from not too long ago by a councilor in England who put things quite well and touched on something not many were willing to address.

In his Tweet Ajit Singh Atwal said as follows:

“To all the people in this great city of Derby, if you have gone out & panic bought like a lot of you have & stacked up your houses with unnecessary items you don’t normally buy or you have brought in more food than you need, then you need to take a good look @ yourself.”

Attached to that Tweet were several images of trash bins full of food. Mostly entire loaves of bread, cooked meats, and fresh produce. As you can see below, these foods seem to be just fine and yet, they’re in the garbage. As you would expect, those who saw this post were outraged and rightfully so. 

Some replies to his post can be found below. Regardless of where you are, if you’ve bought more than you need and seem to have more than you can handle please do not just throw it out, share it with others. In times like these we as a whole need to come together more than ever and in doing so care for one another. Being selfish right now is not an option.

Just because you have what you need does not mean everyone else does. Thinking of the people in your community right now and donating what you can will make a huge difference in the lives of those who cannot find what they need. While this pandemic is not over yet, things will get better.