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As the Perseid meteor shower peaks tonight as it did last night we can all expect to see some beautiful space rocks darting by. While it might not sound like much to some, this shower as a whole is one of the most prominent we have each year. 

For those who may not know this shower comes from debris from the Comet Swift-Tuttle and its one that people look forward to every year. If you’re not in a big city and able to get away from areas with lots of light, you should be able to see quite a few shooting stars each hour. Perhaps even up to 100 per hour if this shower puts on a good show which has happened in the past before. 

All of that having been said, the energies this shower brings are quite intense in many ways. They bring forth good luck and remind us to relax more. Whether you’re out making wishes or you’re just taking in the energies as they come forth, you’re bound to feel more charged as this shower peaks. 

Chances are the whole time this shower has been going on you’ve been feeling pretty out of place but also in a lot of ways more yourself. The energies before us right now will be dying down in the weeks to come and as a result, we need to make the most of them while we can. 

The more shooting stars you see the more change you should perhaps be looking forward to. While we all go through things in this life, some of us face more than others and vice versa. Showers like this are in my eyes reminders that we should all work to prepare for the unknown while remaining hopeful for our dreams and the things we want in life. 

Spiritual Unite wrote as follows on what it means to see a shooting star:

Seeing a shooting star means that you will achieve your destiny. Not the physical one, but the spiritual one. You will attain your higher self soon, and you should get ready for that. It is the reminder of your connection to the universe.

No matter what you have known before, a shooting star is the symbol of positivity. If you are unsure about anything or you have a pending decision, then seeing a shooting star is the signal. It means that whatever you are about to do, you will find good in it.

This shower is always one of my favorites and I won’t be missing it. Will you be watching during peak or perhaps keeping your eyes open for the rest of the month in case you catch a space rock darting by? I for one sure do hope so.