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Look at any forum, media source, or women’s magazine, and you will find list upon list of signs that indicate a cheater. And while these signs are oftentimes refuted-new research has surfaced that points towards a unique trend among those who cheat.

The study was done in the form of a survey which was carried out by the infidelity dating site known as Victoria Milan. For the purpose of the study, 5, 658 of their clients were asked to give the details of their job to find out what the most adulterous profession was. While to some it may be shocking, to others, many of these you likely saw coming.

At the top of the list were financial brokers, which included bankers, analysts, and financial advisors. Coming in second was aviation, so those who were pilots, flight attendants, and flight pursers. Then the list descends through healthcare, business, sports, arts, nightlife, legal, journalists, and then other sectors.

Another layer of this poll discovered that two out of three unfaithful women say they cheat while at work. And 85% said they don’t recommend sleeping with a co-worker. Additionally, the survey suggested that the most positive thing about having an affair with a co-worker was that it made work more exciting, fun, and easier.

Conversely, the worst part was that there was a large potential for things to end on a bad note, leaving you stuck working with the person you would rather be away from. Out of all of them, more than one in five said that if office rumors began, they were more likely to get caught. Only 10% were worried the affair might harm their work performance.

The owner of Victoria Milan explained that his thoughts were that more than anything, this survey showed how people are more into enjoying life than they are about advancing in their careers.