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If you’re with someone who actually treats you well and makes you feel on top of the world, you’ll be caught up in one another to the point where social media won’t really matter. Instead of posting about your partner every five minutes you’ll be out enjoying your time together.

In this day and age for some reason, people like to brag online about literally everything. While a few posts here and there is fine, the more someone posts about their partner the more they’re probably exaggerating. They are trying to make things seem better than they are to the world and honestly, it’s not working. 

If you saw that ‘perfect’ couple in person and were able to view how they interacted with one another you’d probably no longer be jealous of their connection. There is nothing wrong with being proud of your partner but overcompensating is quite present these days. 

There needs to be a good balance between time spent online and time spent in the real world. Instead of constantly posting things you should be living your life and embracing each moment as it comes forth. Instead of being glued to your phone, talk to your partner and create memories together. 

The happiest couples I have found actually don’t post their relationship all over the internet. They even according to research are happier. Those who post more frequently about their partners online were actually found by Northwestern University to be more insecure about their relationships as a whole.

The more someone posts online about their relationship the more they’re trying to convince themselves that they’re where they want to be. I know that might sound odd but it does seem to be true for many people I have come in contact with throughout the years. When you’re in a proper healthy relationship you won’t feel the need to constantly post because you will not have anything to prove to anyone else. 

There will always be people on the internet trying to make it seem like they are more in love than they are and you should be able to spot those right off the bat. Instead of just posting when something special comes around they, day in and day out have new photos and things to add to their profiles. While they have the right to do so, it does raise a lot of questions when you’re from the outside looking in.

I value my partner more than anyone else in this world and I only post about him a few times each year. We both are in a place where we are more invested in one another than our presence online and that’s how I feel things should be. What do you think about this topic? Do you think that people should blast their relationships online?

The world doesn’t need to see what you’re doing every second of every day. Just do your own thing and enjoy the time you get to spend with the people you love the most. Make each moment full and worth it, social media can wait.