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Emotionally wounded people are strong but they do things differently. Some of the things we experience in life are more than enough to break us and yet somehow, we hang on.

If you are an emotionally wounded individual you know that sometimes you do things that other people don’t really ‘get.’ Emotionally wounded people don’t think the same way others do. While we are all emotionally wounded in our own ways, making sense of other people can be a bit complicated.

Below I am going to go over some of the things emotionally wounded people do that most others will not necessarily understand. These things will help you to better understand the people around you. Just because you aren’t aware of their pain or the things they might be feeling does not mean it isn’t there.

While you are still healing from your emotional wounds, you aren’t going to be exactly like everyone else. We all do different things for different reasons. Do you do any of the things listed below?

12 Things Emotionally Wounded People Do That Most Other People Do Not Understand:

1. You have a very unconventional sleeping schedule.

You sit up at night thinking through the things you’ve gone through. You sometimes get plenty of sleep and other times you don’t get much sleep at all. Your sleeping schedule is anything but normal.

2. You look for lots of distractions.

You look for anything to keep your mind off of the things going on in your psyche. There are tons of things going on within your mind and you are always trying to stay busy. You do as much as you can to keep your mind at ease. This can be a good and bad thing, it just depends.

3. You overthink everything.

As someone who is emotionally wounded, you are going to overthink things a lot more than others would. Even the smallest thing gets picked apart and you can’t help it. This is something everyone does but you do it on an extreme level.

4. You take things one day at a time.

You take things one day at a time, whereas most people plan in advance. You are more worried about being focused at the moment, but you spend your time having fun and exploring different aspects of life. Other people might say you are a little too lax, but they don’t see what is going on inside of your mind.

5. Sometimes you feel so much you go ‘numb.’

You feel everything that happens on a very deep level. You become overwhelmed to the point where you go numb. Your mind and body feel so much sometimes that you literally cannot even process everything.

6. You obsess over negative things.

You obsess over all the negative and bad things that are going on. You struggle to really let go of the downsides and focus on the positive. Once your mind goes dark, it is hard to make your way back to the light.

7. You get annoyed by other people quickly.

You don’t have much patience anymore. You get annoyed at some of the most insignificant things. This is something a lot of people take the wrong way.

8. You get stuck in a ‘hopeless’ mindset more often than you want to admit.

You tend to get stuck feeling like nothing is ever going to change even when it will. You don’t really let yourself feel the things going on inside and so when you actually do it’s a big deal. People don’t get this, and they just see it as you shutting down, there is a lot more to it than that.

9. You don’t trust yourself.

When you are emotionally wounded you stop trusting in yourself. You question everything and second guess yourself. This is something other people see as you showing weakness.

10. You cry over small things.

You get upset over things most other people would not think twice about. There are triggering things in this world for all of us but yours are a lot more prominent at the moment. As you heal this will become easier to face.

11. You are quick to become defensive.

You become defensive quickly. You do not know how to take people making fun of you or joking. Even the smallest thing could set you off.

12. You put up with toxic people for longer than you should.

Because you are still wounded you will seek things you consider to be familiar. This sadly might be a toxic person or relationship in general. Stop letting toxic people so close. Your friends and family do not understand this and it makes you hurt more.