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There are tons of people who come into our lives but most of those people don’t stick around forever. While we might want them to be by our sides for the long-haul, that’s just not realistic.

Certain people are meant to be in our lives forever and others for nowhere near forever. The Sure, everyone we come across has a lesson for us but that doesn’t mean the lesson is what we want it to be. The most lasting messages we are able to obtain in this world oftentimes come from those who are merely by our sides for a season.

The universe will present to you the people you need in order to grow. Some of those people will be positive connections and others, not so much. Even those who hurt us and bring harm to our emotional state are important on our journey here in this world.

Some of our most thought-provoking guides may only be in our lives for a passing moment. Whether someone is meant to help you through difficult times or to hold your hand when you’re doing well doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. All that truly matters is that when it’s time to let go, you let go.

Sometimes you will be too much or not enough for someone and they will choose to walk away. This is happening for a reason and you will be a better person in the end for having endured it. In this world, we have to go through lots of ups and downs.

If someone who is no longer with you used to bring happiness into your world, don’t obsess just be happy that you met them at all. Be proud that you were able to experience what you experienced with them and move on. While they are no longer with you, you still have your memories and the lessons that you learned through them.

Love the people who stick around and make sure they know how important they are to you. While they might not realize it, they are a very crucial part of who you are and how you end up as a person. They are your support system and without them, you would not be where you are today.

Learning about the rollercoaster that is life and how we move through it will also help you to better understand your connections with others. You can’t make someone stay and they’re not just moving on to hurt you. They’re on their own path just like you are and sometimes those paths do not align how we would want for them too.

You’re doing just fine and you will be the person you were always meant to be in the end. Connections matter, but they aren’t going to define you if they leave, let them go. You’re doing a much better job than you think.