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There is no denying the fact that when we are children the ways in which our parents interact with us shapes who we are as we grow. If our parents are not present, or we are neglected, we are sadly much less likely to succeed.

Sure, being a parent is hard and there is no guide book when it comes to raising successful children but if you really do your best in putting the right efforts forth, you can help your children achieve all their dreams. While some things are not the easiest to keep up when it comes to balancing a household and taking care of the kids, others are much simpler than you’d expect.

Below I am going to go over some of the things we should keep in mind when it comes to building the foundation for success in our children’s lives. Some of these things should be quite obvious but not all of them will be. How many of these do you keep in mind as you move through your day-to-day life?

7 Things You Should Do To Ensure Your Children Become Successful In Life:

1. Work on yourself, ensure you are happy and healthy just like your children.

If you’re unhappy your children will be able to see it whether you realize they are noticing or not. You have to take care of yourself so that you can take care of them. If you’re unhappy or unhealthy you are not going to be able to be as present with your children as you need to be. They will notice, children are much smarter than most give them credit for.

2. Be active and engaged with their learning/education.

Your children need to be taught things as they grow, their education is extremely important and helping them get ahead as their parents is crucial. With you being more hands-on in their learning they will be more capable of coming to you when they are struggling academically. Rather than being afraid of showing you their bad grade they will be more willing to work with you on how to get that bad grade up. Get them excited about learning and try your best to keep that spark lit.

3. Teach them how to socialize.

When we are not taught how to socialize as children we grow up struggling to do-so into adulthood. Sure, we can make friends here and there but not being taught how to socialize in general can seriously hold your children back. If they seem more anxious about certain things working with them to overcome those things will allow them to be more confident in themselves and thus also more confident moving forth as the future unfolds.

4. Encourage them to be themselves.

Your children should be free to express themselves within reason. They as children should always be encouraged to express their emotions, partake in their own hobbies, and other things of the sort Squashing their creative side by forcing them into certain sports that they might not like to begin with is only going to teach them to be who you want them to be rather than who they are.

Success cannot be found in a false self. Through living their truth they can find their passions and from there become successful. After all, aren’t we supposed to choose career paths in life that we love?

5. Teach them the importance of trying their best.

Trying your best regardless of the things you’re facing is important. Your children need to know that even if they don’t succeed at something the fact that they did their best is enough. We are all human and sometimes we are not capable of accomplishing things in the present moment. On many occasions, we have to be aware of when to walk away and how to come back to something when we are ready.

6. Do not let them forget how important persistence is.

Your children might not always want to face things in a persistent manner but making sure they know how important it allows you to teach them that moving forth in life requires a lot of persistence. If you don’t succeed at something you have to try again and if things are hard pushing through them will make the feat even more rewarding in the end.  Your kids are going to face a lot of things in this world, and they need to be aware that they are capable of all they set their minds to.

7. Make them do chores.

Chores are important. This teaches our children to be responsible and gives them something to take care of. This gives them a sense of accomplishment and allows them to contribute to the household as a whole.