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Living with teenagers can be a struggle because while your teen likely wants independence, you also want to make sure they are close by. One family found a really amazing solution to this problem that likely make inspire you.

Matt and Linda are from Henderson, Nevada. They have three children, and as their kids began to grow into teens, they began to understand that their kids needed more privacy and also their own space. After looking and looking, they did finally stumble upon a home that they loved, however, there was one issue: there simply was not enough space for each of their kids to have their own room.

Of course, the home did have a huge backyard, which lead the parents to a solution that was completely unique. Instead of ditching their dream home, they decided to purchase some small container homes that would fit perfectly in their backyard. In their minds, they could one day house their elderly parents or even rent the spaces for some extra cash when their daughters went to university.

Matt’s favorite part was that his daughters would still live at home while having their own space. “It gives our teenage daughters some autonomy and some space but [they’re] still in the backyard.”

The one drawback was that this was not the cheapest solution because the container homes they chose were 116,000 Euros (131,000 USD.) Of course, what tiny house isn’t complete without some furnishing, so they spent around 8,000 euros to furnish it. Each container home included a huge, open living room, kitchenette, bathroom, and bedroom that can fit a double bed.

Each kitchenette includes its own fridge and microwave. Additionally, they each had a television and a corner couch that serves as a guest bed. In order to share their story with the world, Matt and Linda started a YouTube page, called ‘Tiny House Giant Journey.’ Since airing the clip they posted about their daughter’s living situation, the couple has gotten over 1.5 million views!