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Far too many people are handed everything they want in this day and age. While most of us grew up having to work hard and put in efforts to get the things we want, it seems a lot of the children of today know nothing about that kind of thing.

I am very thankful that my parents didn’t just give me everything I asked for when I was younger. While at the time it made me angry, and I didn’t want to have to put that extra effort in, now I am truly grateful. Chances are if you grew up in a similar manner you’re feeling the same way as well.

When our parents actually make us work for things when we are younger, we learn to appreciate what we have, and we also figure out what really matters to us in regards to what we’re willing to put our efforts forth for. We came to learn that everything comes with a price and that nothing in this world is free.

Having to work hard as a child was not ideal at the time, but looking back, I wouldn’t change anything. My parents knew that if they spoiled me I would not be as prepared for the real world as I was when I finally left the nest and now that I’m on my own and have been for a while I see why they did the things they did. They always had my best interest in mind, even if I didn’t always see it as such.

If you grew up with chores and only getting a few presents during holidays, chances are you’re much more thankful for the things you have, and you’re much wiser with your money when it comes to spending. Rather than wasting every penny because you assume, there will always be more, you plan things out and budget for the things you want rather than diving into them all the while letting the important stuff get behind.

You don’t run to mom and dad when something goes wrong, but instead, you figure it out on your own. This is because you were taught that in this world we have to rely on ourselves to get through above all else. Thanks to the way my parents brought me up, I know how to stand on my own feet and am properly grounded within the right foundation. When someone does something for me, I appreciate their time and efforts because I know how valuable both of those things are.

I know how to work hard and how to keep at things until I get them right. I don’t quit my job when things don’t go my way, and I always make sure that my needs are taken care of properly. I make my own living and am capable of functioning outside of the household unit that I grew up in and for the people of this day and age, it seems that is quite the feat.

While there are people in this world who have a lot more than me and have worked a lot less to get it, I know that I am doing good for myself and that all progress is important even if it’s on a smaller scale than I would like for it to be. I know how to care for others and how to help those in need, and that to me is worth a lot more than having the newest smartphones when they come out or getting a brand-new car when I turned 16.

I appreciated having to work to pay off my car and understand why my parents were only willing to pay half of my down payment in the beginning. While that car might not have been the most amazing car in the world, it was mine and the intent behind it was one that most people never find. Sure, life has had its ups and downs, but that’s to be expected.

Because of my parents, I know how to think for myself and how to be the person that I know I am meant to be. I was able to chase my dreams and accomplish so much all on my own. While they didn’t give me everything I wanted, and I did have to hear them say ‘no’ more often than I wanted, I always had what I needed and even now that still reigns true.

We should never rely on other people for the things we can do ourselves, and yet for some reason most younger people now are doing exactly that. Rather than drowning in material things, my parents showered me with love and spent time with me on a scale that I think a lot of people in this world right now need. Happiness cannot be bought, and I feel like that is something a lot of people need to work to come to terms with currently.

Your parents are not supposed to walk your path for you, they’re just supposed to provide a helping hand. I, looking back, would not trade my childhood for anything. While my parents were not the best parents in the world, they were the best possible parents I could have ever had, and I appreciate all they have done for me.

Do you appreciate the way you were raised, and what would you change about your upbringing if you could go back and change something? I, for one, think that even while making mistakes here and there, my parents did a great job. I turned out to be a very kind, caring, and successful person, which in the end is more than most can say.