While we might love the people who don’t treat us right, that doesn’t mean they should get a free pass to keep treating us badly. Just because your heart pulls you towards someone doesn’t mean that someone is good for you.

In this life, we all have to learn that sometimes letting go of people who refuse to treat us right is crucial. We should only allow power in our lives to those who make us feel like we matter to them. The people who treat us like we’re replaceable should not be people who spend time obsessing over.

As we grow older and older we learn more and more that we do not need to waste our time and efforts on people who do not see our worth and refuse to appreciate us. Sure, those people might try to reel us back in from time to time but because we are strong, we hold our own and do not give in. The truth is we all deserve someone who remembers how important we are and reminds us of how much we make a difference in their life each day.

The more you grow the more you will learn and some lessons are not easy to face. We all at some point outgrow those who only wish to bring us down. We start seeing them for who they truly are and their intentions become clearer than anything else in our minds. I know, this might not sound like a lot but it is. It is far more enormous than most want to admit.

When you finally realize where you’re headed and who you are in life, you also begin to see things through a new glass. You stop being willing to let others come in and knock you down. Finally, you’re able to choose whether or not you want to be treated that way and you know how to get people out of your life when you do not want them there.

Growing as a person through the years comes with a lot of lessons and a lot of hard work but it’s something we all must do. Through this, we discover who we are and who we are not. As you understand more and more what life means to you and how you want to live yours, you really find things that you wouldn’t be able to otherwise.

If someone refuses to love you properly, they don’t deserve to stick around. You should always strive for the best possible connections around. Stop giving in to people who are only going to hurt you in the long-run.

Just because your heart calls does not mean you should answer. The right person for you will be right in your heart and in your head, not one or the other. Love is not as one-sided as most make it out to be, if you’re unhappy then you’re in the wrong place.

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