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The new moon phase of the lunar cycle is quite possibly my favorite spiritual day of observance each month. To me, it is a constant reminder that nothing is finite, and no matter what things may be like now- we always have the opportunity to start over fresh.

At first, I was going to give a bit of insight regarding how the new moon would affect each of us, based on our star sign of the zodiac.

But honestly, this is the best of both worlds: we are given the possibilities associated with the zodiac and the solutions and insights we need from one of the most comprehensive intuitive tools available!

And it isn’t just any new moon either that we will be encountering- this one is in Aries. And this one has the ability to bring us empowerment, surprise, and the power to change our lives. While Libra strives for balance, and Capricorn for discipline- the sign of Aries pushes us to be assertive, impulsive, and to meet any obstacles we face head-on. During this time, it is important to channel that energy, but also to remember that this energy will be best accepted in our own unique way, based on a number of factors.

Of course, it helps to mesh the all-encompassing intuitive outlook of the tarot with the purely accurate information provided by our signs.

Tarot cards can not only give us a sense of the energies lurking during this time, but they also show us guidance and useful tips that we can use to master our own spiritual path. So what does your tarotscope have to say?

Bare with me, as I dig deeper into the meaning of your personal tarotscope.

***Disclaimer: I am a professional tarot reader, and this is the actual spread I drew for each sign as I wrote this, so enjoy.


The Hierophant

For you, Aries, this sign signals an acknowledgment that you have been evolving so much lately, that it is time to take a step back and truly work to understand how this change has affected you. While your energy, that of the Ram is encouraging many of us to push forward in an assertive way (much like your usual energy, ) it is encouraging you to meditate on using what you have learned in a way that pushes you forward into a much deeper epiphany.


Nine of Swords Reversed

In the months past, you may have felt restless, but that time is coming to an end. It is okay to seek peace and to do whatever it takes to make your existence more peaceful. Even if that means seeking outside advice or insight, or even just asking for someone to take some of the burdens off your shoulders.



It’s time for you to take charge, and to show strength in your ambitions. Remember to only keep the company of those who will persuade you to stay strong, as staying strong is exactly what will keep you on the path to overcoming the things in your way, and achieving the goals you have your sights set on.



Right now, what you need most is balance and mediation, as something is or has taken place that has caused an imbalance in your equilibrium. It is also a calling for you to not forget that intuition must be used with your intellect to ensure you are seeing the truth behind any given situation. If you are having feelings towards the possibility that someone has betrayed you, this knowledge will help you to move forward on not only finding out but in forging a new beginning after taking those steps.


Queen of Swords Reversed

For you dear Leo, it is time to become your own master and to let go of influencing energy in your life that is manipulating you and depleting your personal power. Reach outside of your comfort zone, and do not become a prisoner of your own mind.


King Of Swords

This card is urging you to use your logical state of mind and intellect to make the right choices to continue charging ahead. The recent Mercury retrograde may have you feeling as though you have neglected the ones you love most- don’t worry, you are making the right choice to focus on what you need most right now, and it will pay off if you really focus on channeling your own inner wisdom.


Six of Cups

Now is the time to truly work together in your relationships. Rather than butting heads as we have been in the chaos of the Mercury retrograde, let down your guard a bit, at least enough to push through your current obstacles and to seek balance and peace together. It is likely your partner (or friend, husband, boss, whatever the case may be) has insight and knowledge that will pair best with yours for the lessons the universe needs you to understand.



Right now, is truly a time of renewal for you. Put everything you have into committing to this renewal and pushing forward in your new routines. If you have been looking for a major life change, now is the time.


King of Wands Reversed

Now is the time to reign in your passionate energy for the greater good. Focus on the good times, and allow yourself the opportunity to express yourself and to grow. But remember, balance is key!


The World Reversed

Take time during this period to rejuvenate. Make time for self-care, and remember that you have to find time to allow yourself a reprieve, as you are a perfectionist to the extreme. And perfection can’t happen when you don’t have a chance to breathe!


The King of Wands

Stay focused. Now is not the time to allow yourself to lose sight of your ambitions. Keep the passion in your heart fueling you towards the thing you desire most!


Two of Pentacles Reversed

Right now, you are trying to balance too much. Allow yourself a moment to reorganize that juggle, and remember to take on what you can, and to handle this transition in life with caution and ease.