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Optical illusions are a fun way to dive deeper into your psyche to better understand yourself and also to test your intelligence. In the optical illusion below, there is an image hidden, and if you can quickly spot it, you are in the 1% of people that can.

We’ve all seen an optical illusion. Optical illusions are images that boggle the mind. They are fascinating because they challenge how we perceive reality. When you think about it, illusions have been used for quite a long time to better understand the human brain. Think of psychologists like Freud, who believed that the way that we perceive imagery unlocks the hidden secrets of the brain.

Much like that, illusions can also test our brains. In this particular image, a mom is standing in a sea of toys. Among those toys, there is a hidden pacifier. When most people look at the image, they struggle to see the hidden pacifier. Only 1% of people can find it within 9 seconds! Can you?

You could honestly look at this image all day and continue to find things. In the image, a mother stands among a massive amount of toys with a crying baby. Her obvious goal is to find the pacifier, so she can pacify her baby to get them to stop crying. Take a very close look at the image. It is a bit tricky, especially at first. Take a step back and look more closely. Do you see it yet?

Have you found it? If you did, then congrats, you are in the 1%. If you did not find it, then, look at the rings and the stuffed bunny. If you look closely enough, you can see the pacifier tucked in between them.