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The internet is a treasure trove of information, tests, quizzes, and even optical illusions. And a recent illusion posted to TikTok is driving the world mad. Can you solve it?

According to @HecticNick on TikTok, only 1% of the world can solve this puzzle. While the video was shared by him back in November, it has really picked up steed over the past week.

“Only one percent of people can read what’s hidden in this image — can you?”  the caption of the clip reads. The video has around 3.6 million views and only continues to grow in popularity.

Part of the appeal of this image, according to the Sun, is that it can reveal whether or not someone has bad eyesight. Upon first glance, the image looks like cryptic code or something, and your being able to solve it only counts if you can solve it the first time.

Sadly, I lost. What do you see?

As a hint, Nick says to close your eyes 90%. After following his advice, I was able to see it, and now I cannot unsee it.

“Hey I don’t have bad eyes!” wrote one commenter. And if you still haven’t guessed it, it says BAD EYES. I wanted to slap myself after I finally got it!

The strange thing is, even after I was able to see it, after looking away, I couldn’t see it anymore and can only see it with my eyes almost closed. One commenter said that you can see it through a charger hole, but honestly, I think I’m done with the internet today!


Can you read this on your first try? 🤔 #fyp #illusion #opticalillusion

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