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There are toxic people everywhere in this world, and we cannot avoid them completely. While we can limit our exposure to them, they will always find ways to get closer to us than we would ever want them to be. 

One of the things that I learned about toxic people before anything else is that they do not feel bad for the things they do and that they don’t want to apologize even if they come forth and say they’re sorry. When it comes to truly toxic people you will never get the apology you deserve because the truth is they don’t feel bad about what they’ve done. Truly toxic people do not see their wrongdoings as wrongdoings. 

The more you give these kinds of people the more they will try to take. They will use you up and spit you out time and time again for as long as you will allow them to. Their motives are never what they should be, and they never have anyone’s best interest at heart but their own. 

Toxic people will manipulate you, use you, and waste your time to an extreme. They don’t see you as someone on their level. They feel as though they are above you and taking advantage of you is something you owe to them when in reality, you don’t owe anyone anything, period.

Toxic people are completely incapable of taking responsibility for their actions, instead of being proper humans and making amends, they will only push things further. These people will fight you until the very end and do their best to pull the wool over your eyes. You as someone who sees through their bullshit must remain persistent and understand that the things this person does are not your fault, you cannot control them. 

If someone is unwilling to see the things they’re doing as wrong, getting through to them is seemingly impossible. They’re not going to want to receive the guidance you’re trying to offer and all of your words will merely go to waste. Allowing these kinds of people to hold space in your life will only bring you down. 

The sooner you identify people like this in your circle the quicker you can get them out and away from your personal energies. If they’re not willing to respect you and your time, they are not worth your efforts. No one on this planet is perfect, and we all make mistakes but being able to accept that is something many people seem to have a serious problem with.

If you need help figuring out whether someone in your life is toxic check out the video below. These people are not going to change and coming to terms with that will do you a lot of good. Sometimes an apology isn’t worth the hassle and with these kinds of people that reigns very true.


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