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Men aren’t the greatest at showing their emotions, and telling you how they feel. However, there are definitely actions they will make when they are TRULY in love, and those actions will either make or break how you feel in return.

While he may not get mushy gushy with his feelings, and leave you wondering how he feels- if you pay attention, he will show you. Here are 10 examples.

He shows you his vulnerable side.

When a man is in love, he can be vulnerable around the person he loves. This isn’t to say to expect a soap opera, but if he lets you see his weaknesses and the things that mean most to him on an emotional level, he probably loves you.

He makes your problems ‘Our problems.’

If he truly loves you, when you express concerns about a problem in your life, he will take your hand, as though they were his problems too, and help you make it through. He knows you are a team, and plans on staying that way!

He remembers little things about you.

While it may not seem like much, if a man remembers your favorite color, or the way you cock your head to the side when you are laughing. These little things matter to him, because you do!

He feels your pain.

When you are sad, or depressed, and something is hurting you, he feels the pain that you feel. Not only that, but he doesn’t tell you to calm down, or that you should get over it, he listens and tries to make it better. 

He constantly communicates with you, in a healthy way. 

He calls you when to talk, but he doesn’t obsess or blow your phone up until you answer. He seeks healthy communication with you when it counts.

He gives without expecting anything in return.

When he does a favor, he does it because he loves you, instead of wanting something in return. His favors are given without hidden ulterior motives, and he wants to help you any way he can. If you have a man like this, HE LOVES YOU!

He is proud of you!

He tells everyone about your accomplishments, and brags on you to his friends. He may even embarrass you, because he calls attention to the fact that he is with you. Men like this want people to know you are his. And that’s because he loves you.

When you are away from each other, he misses you.

If he is somewhere else, or you are, he makes a point to let you know he missed you. And while he may not say I MISS YOU, you will be able to tell by the fact that he constantly stays in touch while you are away, and when you see each other, he is obviously glad.

He protects you.

If someone even hints negativity your way he is already on his way to protect you, in any way he can. He loves and cherishes you and would never let anyone hurt you or defame your character.

No matter how busy he may be, he MAKES time for you.

When everyone else makes you feel like an option, he steps up and shows you that you are his PRIORITY. Despite a heavy work load, or a hectic schedule, he makes sure to spend time with you!

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