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The Myers-Briggs Type indicator is an extremely extensive personality test created by psychologists. In the test, you answer a number of questions to find out which o the 16 personalities you could be.

One of those is the INFP personality type. Also known as the mediator, the INFP personality is composed of introverted, intuitive, feeling, and perceiving traits. And according to Dario Nardi, Ph.D., it’s one of the rarest of all of the personality types, with only 1% of the population falling under its category.

If you are curious to know what your personality type is, you can go to the website to take the test. I’ll link it here. You can also check out these traits of what an INFP typically looks like.

1. They are very creative.

The INFP personality is very creative. They love the arts fields, and are usually very expressive, despite their introverted nature. Typically, they have at least one creative passion, many of which find themselves in performing arts.

2. They are dreamers.

Mediators are also major daydreamers. They love to imagine new ideas and can spend hours in their head making up stories, or reliving actual encounters from their life.

3. They are great storytellers.

While they are highly introverted, when they do engage with friends, they are well-known for their ability to story tell. They are so good at telling stories that most people who listen to their stories can get a clear picture of what they are talking about. This is why many of them are great writers.

4. They are idealistic.

Mediators are also very idealistic. This can be a good thing, or a bad thing, depending. During the course of their life, they will usually pursue a number of passions, striving to find the right path. Unfortunately, because of their idealism, when things don’t pan out as they imagine, they can grow frustrated.

5. They are empathetic.

The combination of introversion and intuition in this particular personality makes for a very empathetic individual. Mediators are very kind-hearted and love to help others. In their friendships and relationships, they are quick to catch onto the feelings of their partners and friends, which makes them wonderful friends to have on your side.

6. They make great partners.

And not only do they make great friends, but they also make great partners. If you are in a relationship with a mediator, you will find that it’s extremely easy to compromise with them. Additionally, you never have to tackle anything alone, because they are always there for those they love.

7. They love helping others.

INFPs have a strong moral compass, and they cannot stand to see anyone struggle. No matter who it is, if they see someone who could use a helping hand, they will lend it.

8. They often feel lonely.

Perhaps one of the major struggles an INFP will endure, is that because this personality type is so rare, they often end up feeling lonely. Even when they are with others, they may feel as though something is missing, because they don’t meet many kindred spirits.

9. They are self-critical.

At times, the mediator can be very self-critical. This ties into their idealism, and at times, it can be very difficult for them to live up to their own idealism. In turn, they may often seem upset or disgruntled.

10. They flourish in careers where they can help others.

The best careers for the INFP is any art field or any field in which they can help others. Examples of this include nursing, counseling, teaching, support counselors, doctors, nursing home workers, etc. In the arts fields, on the contrary, performing arts is where many of them feel at home.