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Forehead kisses are a lot more personal than most people realize. They really make us feel so connected and amazing but why do they do that? Well, there are several reasons for that.

Forehead kisses can and do mean a lot of different things and that meaning really does shine through when the act itself occurs. It isn’t anything like getting a slobbery kiss on the mouth. Forehead kisses are so much more personal but in such a different way. Below I am going to go over the reasons why forehead kisses should always be given. If you don’t kiss someone that you love on the forehead, you should.

Kisses on the forehead can be from anyone to anyone. They could be between a couple, a mother and daughter, friend to friend, and anyone else in the world. Don’t think that this is something completely cut off to mere romantic relationships. There is so much more to this than people realize.

8 Reasons Why Kissing Someone You Care For On The Forehead is A Great Way To Show Affection:

1. It shows adoration.

This kiss on the forehead is a connection on a physical level between two people. Sometimes it says ‘I think you’re great’ or ‘you’re perfect’ and anything else in-between. This for some is a huge boost.

2. It represents a very emotional connection.

It really does show that you are connected without having to be overly sexual. An emotional connection is important and it just pushes the validation to of that even further. A kiss on the forehead might overwhelm you with belly butterflies.

3. It shows appreciation.

If someone kisses you on the forehead it can sometimes mean they appreciate you. For instance, if you tell someone you did something for them, and they get excited and kiss your forehead. That is one of the best possible responses and it makes whatever you did completely worth it.

4. It makes you feel loved.

Most of us like being kissed on the forehead. It might make you feel as if you are truly being cared for. It sends a big message that the person kissing your forehead is truly there for you in all possible ways.

5. It shows affection.

If you want to show affection in public without drawing attention to yourselves this is the way to go. It is a way for someone to remind you how important you are to them and show you off without going over the top. No one gets embarrassed and everyone leaves with a smile.

6. It is a form of ‘silent’ communication.

Depending on the situation forehead kisses can say so much more than words ever could. It is a way in which people can communicate without words. You know exactly what that person is saying to you even if they have not spoken at all.

7. It is kissing the window to your soul.

Our third eye chakra is located exactly where our forehead is. This meaning when we are kissed on the forehead we are being kissed on the third eye chakra as well as the third eye itself. This meaning someone is touching the seat of your soul. That in itself is an amazing connection.

8. It shows that they’re thinking of you.

When someone comes up out of the blue or even your partner rolls over in bed and gives you a good morning kiss on the forehead it shows you that they really care about you and were thinking of you. They took time out of their day to make sure you felt cared for.