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Strong women don’t do shallow goodbyes. Their goodbyes are hard and deep, they sting long after they’re over, and they cannot be taken back.

Strong women will put up with the bullshit for as long as they can but once they have had enough, they will walk away and not look back. They know that sometimes, in the end, there is nothing that can be done to make the relationship work. They know that leaving is the answer when all is said and done.

Strong women will let you walk out of their lives and know that it was what needed to happen. They will not go around pointing fingers or throwing hands. They will go over their mistakes and go over yours. They will accept the issues at hand and if those issues cannot be worked through they will not be the kind of people to make you stay.

She knows that she can move forward with her life with or without a partner. She is able to continue on and take care of herself when she needs to. She is able to create her own happiness. She doesn’t have to spend any of her time seeking validation from anyone else.

A strong woman will be able to overcome anything that is thrown her way whether it is painful or not. She will love someone with all she is and still know that sometimes love is not enough. When she says goodbye you’re not getting a second chance. You don’t get to come back or try to have her open her heart up to you again.

She will not put her wellbeing at risk like that and you shouldn’t hold it against her. She has her own dreams and won’t be giving those up. She will push forward with or without you and grow much stronger through it all. She doesn’t lose people, people lose her. She outgrows those around her and instead of clinging, she lets them go. She works quickly to avoid any more pain than is necessary and does this out of respect.

When you stop appreciating her or putting forth the effort she is, she won’t just wait for you to realize that you’ve fallen behind. She will go over things with you and if you shut her out that is your problem. She will be fine all on her own. She does not need someone else to make her happy she is not someone that finds herself stuck in the past.

You have to be more aware of what you have while you have it or you won’t ever be able to find it again. Life and love are both very complicated things. Don’t let her waste a goodbye on you, be someone who lasts forever.