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Twenty seventeen has been a year of much astrological influence and it isn’t over yet! Not only is the Earth aligning with our Galactic Center, Saturn is entering the sign of Capricorn on December 19th!

This year has been full of abundant astrological events such as the solar eclipse and the alignment of Earth and the Galactic Center, but it’s not over yet! On the eighteenth and nineteenth of December the Earth will align to the center of the universe, but also Saturn is entering the sign of Capricorn!

On December 19th at 11:49 PM EST Saturn will enter the sign of Capricorn and will remain there until it finishes its transition on July 1, 2020! Saturn takes approximately 28-29 years to complete a full circle and ends up where it started, causing it to spend roughly two to three years in each sign. Saturn is often represented as achievement and maturity. When it forms a hard aspect of a personal chart it might feel like everything is slowed down. You might experience strong personal growth accompanied by frustrations, impatience, and long delays. During this time you might also make significant decisions. They can slow our lives down and force us to live presently in each day, which is a good thing, except you’re struggling with a dilemma night and day.

Although it might make you come to terms with making some unwanted decisions, it will also allow you to feel at peace mentally and relieve you of worry, stress, and anguish regarding the ‘rock and a hard place’ crevice you’ve been stuck in. This might even be the point in your life where you overcome all the wrong you’ve been dealt! This could be an end to the never-ending cycle of complicated relationships, life struggles, and financial circles you’ve been stuck in.

Saturn entering the sign of Capricorn will allow is to gain inner strength. We will be able to rise above our oppressions and come out much more resilient. It will make you a more responsible adult who is mature in dealing with life’s uncertainties and unexpected surprises. You’ll be less involved with toxic people and focus more effort on removing them from your everyday life as opposed to appeasing their consistent needs for attention and reassurance. It might even be the time to break away from a toxic relationship and find someone worth your time!

Take this opportunity of personal strength to take care of issues at hand. Deal the cards you’ve been dealt and never worry about them again. This is your time – the time where you ultimately flourish and transform into the amazingly empathetic creature you are! It won’t come again for another 20-30 years, so you better not waste it!

Image via The Rebel Circus