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While it might not seem like it right now, someday you will find someone who proves to you that he or she wants you around. Instead of having to wonder where you stand and wait for this person to get things straight in his or her mind, they will already be right where they need to be.

Instead of wondering where things went wrong and wishing they were different, you’ll have the person in your life by your side who was always meant to be there. All of the confusion, stress, and damage your past almost lovers have caused you will not matter anymore. You will finally be able to put your guard down and feel secure.

In the past, you’ve faced a lot of temporary people who paraded around pretending to be permanent and it took a serious toll on you. You feel alone and unimportant but please don’t forget that these feelings all in all are temporary too. You won’t be alone forever, someday things will fall right into place. True love in itself has ups and downs but it’s nowhere near as much of a struggle as these temporary connections are.

You will in time find the person who was made just for you. The two of you will value one another, protect one another, and spend time really making sure that both of you are aware of how permanent things are this go around. Instead of struggling to communicate you will sit down and talk things out when issues come up. Rather than having to cry alone you will be able to lean on one another when things get rough.

This is exactly what you need and in time you will come to understand that very well. This will be a love you know is worth your time and well deserved, struggling to keep things together will be something you’re only reminded of from your past. This connection will be a healthy one, one you’ve been needing all along.

You will get to know one another in every possible way and become not only lovers but also best friends. You will grow together and create a life that the two of you are both proud of. You won’t have to think of your connection as a mistake like you do those from your past and you will finally know what it’s like to be cared for properly.

Sure, that might sound like it’s far off but if you keep working hard and refuse to accept temporary love you will find this person and feed this connection much sooner than you might think. True love is hard to find but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Once all is said and done, you will be exactly where you need to be.

All of those temporary people were not worth the time and effort you put into them. If someone doesn’t prove to you that they’re going to stick around don’t waste these things on them. You above all else need to keep your best interests in mind when moving forth.