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As we move forth October is coming, with that, we all need to be more and more aware of who we are. Sure, each sign is going to be affected by the energies around us in different ways but a lot is going to be happening that some of us might not understand properly.

Below I am going to go over what October might hold for each zodiac sign and the emotions that each celestial ordeal we’re facing might provoke. While accomplishing your goals right now seems impossible, things are really going to be changing in the coming weeks. 

How is your sign going to be affected and should you be worried? I for one cannot wait for October to get here. This is going to be a great month all around, and We all have a lot to do.


October is going to be a bit hectic for you. You are going to feel like you cannot get ahead and might even find that you’re forgetting a few tasks that should have already been taken care of. Just hold your own and do not allow your mind to become overwhelmed. While things are chaotic at the moment, it will all slow down after a few weeks pass by. 


You might be feeling quite impatient as October is underway but that is not a reason for you to blow through any serious emotions. Work hard and take your time. Life is not going anywhere and the more you rush things the less you will be able to accomplish.


This month is all about your feelings and you’re feeling a lot. It’s like the whole world is against you right now and getting ahead is impossible. Do not hold back, just let it all out and then take a break. If you need to sit down and relax don’t hesitate.


October is going to be revealing a lot to you in regards to the intentions of others. You think you’ve found someone who will stick by your side but the truth is things are not as they seem. Perhaps you should work to keep your guard up a bit more properly.


While October is usually a fun month for you this go around you’re going to be feeling quite out of place. Sure, it might start off properly but as the days pass you will begin to notice just how withdrawn the people around you are. Uncovering the secrets that some are hiding might take over your mind this October.


As October makes its way here you’re going to begin to see more and more of the ‘big’ picture. You are going to be looking for something that can and will push you over the edge of where you need to be. Perhaps you’re looking in the wrong places?


October is a month that you’re going to have to close yourself off during. Things are getting too intense as is and it’s overwhelming. You need to focus on your own emotions and work to control them more properly. Life is not as crazy as you think it is but that’s not going to stop you from getting stressed.


October for you is going to bring new starts. You’re going to be finding things that actually make you happy and finally partaking in them. The more properly you do this the more content you will become.


October is going to be an interesting month for you as you are going to be full of regret. The past few months have been nothing but a dumpster fire for you even though you won’t openly admit it. Owning up to your mistakes and correcting things is inevitable, perhaps now is the best time?


The month of October is going to have you feeling like you’re on top of this world. You usually have a lot of fun during this month and spend a lot of time relaxing. That having been said, you don’t need to let your guard down, either way, there could be something negative looking for you.


The month of October is a forgiving month for you. It is going to remind you of who you are and where you came from. Perhaps allowing these things to play forward and work themselves out will benefit all who are involved.


You are always excited for October but this year you feel out of place. That is because this year you’re not the same person you used to be. You have grown so much and are headed towards a positive place in life. Do not slow down, keep pushing forward and allow your truth to actually take flight.